To screen School Circles publicly, you must have Public Performance Rights (PPR), which you get by purchasing a Screening License.

The screening licenses are personlised to suit each context and needs.

Screening License Form

We know that each context is unique, so we created a form to help us shape a more specific license for you.

If you would like to request a screening license, you can fill this form in to get a quote.

With this information we’ll be able to calculate a fair amount for the Screening License that suits your context and needs.

Once you submit the form we’ll send you a License Quote and further information to help you organize your event. Don’t worry, this form won’t require your payment details and it’s not a commitment to purchase the license.

Screening License Includes

Each screening license includes the Public Performance Rights (PPR) to exhibit School Circles and grants you instant access to download the film and digital marketing material (posters, images, text) to help you spread the word about your screening to your community.

  • License Agreement with Public Performance Rights (PPR)  
  • Digital Copy fo the School Circles film (1h 28min)
  • Subtitles in relevant language. Available: English, German, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Estonian
  • School Circles poster & other Marketing materials
  • Promotion of event on our Social Media channels (if public)

Invite the Directors

If you would like to invite the directors, Marianne Osorio and/or Charlie Shread to join your screening, they are available for Q&A, Dialogue Circle or Workshop and can create an experience tailored to your context.

They are experienced facilitators of sociocracy and have led workshops and dialogue circles in schools, organizations and at events in India, Austria, Germany, Brazil, USA, Portugal and the UK.

If you are interested in booking the directors, please fill in the screening license form and indicate your interest in inviting the directors. From there, we can can reply via email to see what is best for your situation.

School Circles screenings around the world