The School Circles DVD comes with an Unlimited License, which allows you to screen the film in your context for any audience for an unlimited period of time.

The price of the DVD with unlimited license is usually €150* for schools, with delivery included. The unlimited license means that you can screen the film as many times as you want for any audience size and without any time limit.

The DVD includes:

  • Unlimited License with Public Performance Rights (PPR)
  • School Circles film (full: 1h 28min and training version: 46 min)
  • Bonus features: Extended interview with Gerard Endenburg and Annewiek Reijmer, plus extra scenes from the schools
  • Subtitles (9 languages included)
  • School Circles poster (digital)
  • Free postage worldwide (usually takes 15-20 days to arrive)

*The value of the DVD and license may vary depending on the type and size of organization, commercial or non-commercial use, educational use and the country (GDP per capita).

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